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  1. Rodent Pest Control
  2. Rodents- Appearance and Lifestyle
  3. Signs of Rodent Infestation
  4. Home Remedies to Curb Rodents
  5. Professional Rodent Control Strategies
  6. The STOP System
  7. Surveying the Area
  8. Treating the Infestation
  9. Observing the Results
  10. Precautionary Measures
  11. Side Effects of Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control:

Having a pest problem in the house? We’ve all been there. Sharing your house with rats and rodents is never a pleasant scenario for property owners. These pesky pests barge into your living space and cause immense destruction to the decor and surroundings. Moreover, with the temperatures soaring, these nimble rodents have become even more of a menace at Australian homes, building their nesting grounds and breeding in large numbers underground and underneath your property. Rodents are a threat for commercial undertakings and they can be a blot on the reputation of the company or organization.

Dealing with pests is not an easy job, often you need to call in for professional help- this is where rodent removal Perth comes into the picture. With its high-tech tracking devices and eco-friendly pest control products, the team of experts can easily exterminate the rodents roaming about the house without damaging the property.

Rodents- Appearance and Lifestyle

Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny mice that can squeeze through the narrowest of passages to big fat rats weighing almost 50 grams! They have huge beady eyes, enormous incisor front teeth and sturdy paws. These nocturnal creatures are usually reclusive of humans and prefer to live in dark, damp and dingy corners. Rodents are always on the lookout for food and water, scurrying about the house quietly. Rice rodents, marsh rodents, common brown rodents, bush rodents and palm rodents are some of the common species found in Australian homes.

Rodents are usually found on and around garbage, dustbins and other unhygienic places. These furry animals are also carriers of various pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms. They contaminate the surroundings and are responsible for spreading contagious diseases such as plague, cholera and other infections. Moreover, the fact that rodents breed at an alarming rate only adds on to the risk of the infestation. A female can give birth to approx. 10 litters a year, each litter having a minimum of 4-20 rats.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

You might never actually see rodents running around the house unless there’s a serious infestation. However, there are some tell-tale signs that clearly indicate that your property has rodents. Rat droppings around the kitchen, in cupboards, drawers and other narrow spaces are perhaps the biggest indications of rodents. You can also find nesting materials like twigs, paper, shredded cardboard strips and mud trails in the corners of the property. Bite marks, paw prints, rat fur and chewed up fabrics are other indications of the infestation that property owners must look out for. The stale smell from the corners, burrows, and holes dug up overnight are other signs that shun light on the presence of rodents.

Home Remedies to Curb Rodents:

Finding some rodent droppings in the corners is no reason to call in professional pest control services. In most cases, you can take care of the problem with some simple home remedies and over the counter pest control products. Rat poison, rat traps, barriers, chemicals, and insecticides are available in supermarkets and stationery stores. These solutions are immediate steps that every property owner can take to control the infestation temporarily before they call for the professional help.

Simple everyday items from your kitchen can work as rodent repellant. For instance, things like vinegar, borax, onions, peppermint oil, pepper, moth balls and ammonia can be used for killing rodents in the house. However, note that these remedies are short term solutions and cease to work once the effect of the remedy wears off.

Professional Rodent Control Strategies

You know things have taken a serious turn when you notice rodents running around the house like they own it. Pesticides and home remedies fail to exterminate the pests, what you need is a team of experts who can locate and deal with the problem using their professional tools and products. Yes, an experienced rodent exterminator is often the last resort any house owner has to turn to when all else fails. They not only kill the pests but also clean up the mess left behind.

The STOP System

Rodent control service at Perth applies a unique and innovative STOP mechanism in their rodent control operations. STOP is an abbreviation for “survey, treatment, observation and precaution”, a four-step system that covers all aspects of the operation. The team has a comprehensive guide to follow right from the inspection stage to the post-operation services. Read on to know more.

Surveying the Area

First and foremost the team provides a rodent inspection service to the property, thoroughly searching every nook and cranny for signs of rodent infestation. Their rodent inspection services hardly take an hour, thanks to the advanced tracking devices and navigational gadgets used. Also, the devices used by the team are completely eco-friendly and cause no damage to the surroundings.

Treating the Infestation

Once the nesting ground of the rodents is identified, the team moves on to install various rat traps and baits to lure them out. Rat poisons, barriers and chemicals are applied to the corners of the house to immediately exterminate the pests in the most humane way. They even take care of the repairs of the house, sealing up holes, fixing the plumbing and cleaning up any other mess is included in their rodent removal services

Observing the Results:

The next step is to wait back and observe the effects of the traps and rodent baits. From rodent inspection services to rodent removal, the entire process roughly takes a day or two at max, depending on the severity of the infestation and size of the property.

Precautionary Measures

Lastly, the pest control team cleans up the mess caused during the operation. This involves repairing any damage and disposing of the dead rodents. They even set up barriers and seal up burrows, discouraging the rodents from returning. Also, the team briefly explains the precautionary measures that the inhabitants of the house can apply so as to reduce the risk of a reinfestation.

Side Effects of Rodent Pest Control

The rodent removal Perth service, though completely eco-friendly, does pose some threat to the surroundings and family members residing in the house. For instance, the traps and baits have metal protrusions and sharp edges that can hurt children. Also, the rat poison used is fatal if consumed by humans and pets. Moreover, some people might be allergic to the pest control products used during the operation.

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